Ilha Formosa book & poster & bookmark

Designer: Tien-Min Liao

This promotion set includes a book, bookmark, and poster, all of which was designed to introduce Taiwan. 
It is not only a book with a collection of nice delicate paper-illustration, but also an infographic book.

Some normal facts into interesting numbers have been translated, then paper-illustration has been used to make the infographics.

When Tien-Min Liao came to the United States, she noticed that many people are unaware of her hometown Taiwan. This infographic book was created to promote this beautiful island.
This book is to be something very different from the other books about Taiwan. It wouldn’t be a tourist guide, nor a boring government-published book. It should be interesting and casual, but also clear in delivering the information about Taiwan.

This is a very interesting book which gives nice information about Taiwan, not conventional information either, it tells us of weather, news and television, and tea. It also uses unconventional means of scaling, such as depicting the population of mainland China as a famous Chinese dish, and comparing Taiwan’s population to a piece of chicken in that dish.



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