My Artifact: What Will Be Shown?

I am going to explore different options that I could focus on for my artifact, and from this I’ll achieve and understanding of what to portray and why.


  • To inform aliens of humans, this would include showing anatomy, emotions, reproduction, and the whole human biology.
  • To inform aliens of human technology and advancements.
  • To inform aliens of human life, this would show how humans live their day to day lives in different countries and cultures.
  • To show the human race’s history, this would include achievements, milestones and historical events.
  • To show man kinds negative side, this would show our mistakes, the impacts, and the consequences e.g war.
  • Create some form of timeline showing the beginning of Earth and the human race; show evolution of man.
  • To show humans beliefs and religions, and give the different aspects of how man started, how we die, and where we go after life.
  • To inform aliens of Earth; how it works, what it is made up of, and where it’s situated in the universe.
  • To give some sort of warning telling others to avoid Earth, deterrents would include war, famine, poverty, terrorism, natural disasters like volcanoes and earthquakes.

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