Idea 1 – infographics

This idea was formed on the first day of the brief as an initial response. It is meant to display a range of information, data, statistics and figures about different things on Earth, and is presented within a simple hollow image relative to the information, for example: if information was been shown of humans, then the image would be of a human being, if it were of animals, then the image would be of an animal.

The message

It’s giving information about our planet, educating people/extraterrestrials of humans, natural earth, nature, human factors and impacts etc. this is giving a slight;y more interesting look to boring information.


I felt this idea was over used and boring, many other people on the course had similar ideas to this one and therefore I felt it was un-original and would be boring.


Idea 2 – DNA

This was another initial response on the first day of receiving the brief. The idea behind this was that the DNA strand would be some sort of interactive piece where one would be able to zoom into specific areas/strands of the DNA. I wanted this to be a timeline of some sort, possible timelines it could show included:

1) the beginning of earth and the progression of the planet until modern day

2) the beginning of life/man kind, and the progression of man, evolution

3) showing human events, achievements, advancements and milestones

4) showing bad things that humans have done e.g. war, famine, poverty

The message

This would show the history of something interesting, human life, planet earth, evolution.


I thought this idea had potential and would be a good idea to go through with, however the shear amount of information required to create this would be too much. Also, I didn’t know what format to tackle this in, would it be a large print which you could look at different sections? Would it be digital and interactive online? Would it be presented in a book? 


Idea 3 – map

This idea is meant to show how transport looks every day, from a global scale, right down to a local scale, this would include air traffic, train routes, shipping routes and road traffic. This would be a form of data visualisation showing how transport looks every day from your hometown, city, country, continent, and the whole globe. Each mode of transport would have its own globe, and there would be a final globe with all transport networks presented. I thought that creating the globes from papier-mâché and pinning on routes with different couloured string would be a good idea.

The message

It shows how humans use logistics to make the world go round using transport, trade, business, and ultimately showing how busy earth is.


This idea is my second in line for creation, creating a physical object with information on transport and logistics would be a fun idea to go through with.


Idea 4 – systems

This idea is will show the processes of an average human’s day to day life, this would show how everything revolves around us. Inputs, processes, flows and outputs would be illustrated for a variety of things that humans use such as electrical appliances, food, and money, and how it all links together.

The message

That humans require a lot of things and maintenance. This will show how humans live, and what the processes, inputs, flows and outputs go into them.


This idea interests me the most as I can look into what we would normal perceive as normal every day behavior, and see how it affects everything else and what impacts it has on things/places/others. I’m going to go through with this idea, and will research into maps as this will be the way I will present this.


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