Megatrend Documentation

Megatrends are long-term change processes which have an enormous impact on transformations within a society. Therefore they cannot be considered as a temporary phenomenon. The megatrend documentation presents the eleven, most important megatrends of our time. A booklet for each megatrend contains information based on real data and is supplemented by 18, well-grounded infographics. The poster of the megatrend-map was designed in form of an underground plan in order to interlink various megatrends. This should reflect the complexity and variety of factors which act in the context of a megatrend. This documentation also subserves as a tool-box for companies in their strategic reorientation processes and offers the possibility to expand it with individual supplements using a matrix system.


This design gives me options to consider when it comes to format:

  • Categorisation
  • Poster
  • Leaflet
  • Book
  • Digital

This work uses a map in the same way I wish to use it; to have information presented and showing it’s links.

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