Systems human map


Each set of icons represents the different topics I mentioned:

(from top left going down)

  1. Food
  2. Internet
  3. TV/radio broadcasts
  4. Electricity use
  5. Drugs
  6. Power and sourcing
  7. Mobile communication
  8. Transport

The reason the human is the centre piece as the message I’m trying to get across is that everything in the world revolves around human beings, we make the world go round.


Processes and associated icons

Here is a list of what I will show on the design, and what the symbol/icon will be for each. Bold italic text will be used for the symbol/icon detail.



  1. Animal/crop – Cow/maze
  2. Harvested – Dead cow/plough
  3. Manufactured – Cut meat/row of corn
  4. Packaged – Packed meat
  5. Transported – Lorry
  6. Purchased – Pound symbol
  7. Prepared – Cut up meat
  8. Eaten – Mouth

Mobile communication

  1. Create text –mobile with ‘hello’ being typed
  2. Send text –mobile with send on screen
  3. Packages of data transferred to recipient’s phone – two mobiles connecting
  4. Message received – new phone receives message

Tv and radio broadcast

  1. Original sound/image, is then filmed with receptor (microphone/camera) – microphone/camera
  2. Sent to a transmitting antenna – Antenna
  3. Radio/TV receives data – Radio/TV with ariel blinking
  4. Sound/image is reproduced on radio/TV – Radio/TV produces sound/image

Transport (multiple branches)

  1. Fill up fuel tank (linked to power/energy topic) – petrol pump
  2. Each mode of transport goes from point A to B – car with arrow pointing

Car, bus & trainaccessible transport for everyone, and personal travel. –  car,bus,train – crowd of people

Ships & lorries (linked to food topic) – Industry, shipping routes. – ship,lorrie, with arrows

Aircraft – point A to B (long distance), global access for everyone. – plane around globe

Spacecraft point A to B and beyond, access outer world locations. – spacecraft orbiting earth


Electrical appliances (linked to power/energy)

  1. Use electrical appliance – Kettle plugged in to mains
  2. Electricity travels through wires in your home – wires
  3. Mains electricity travels through power lines – power lines/pylons
  4. Electricity travels from the power station – power station
  5. Power stations obtain energy from fossil fuels, nuclear power, or renewable energy sources. – mining/pick axe


  1. Device connects to internet via ethernet OR ethernet cable
  2. wifi – wifi icon
  3. Connects to modem/router – router
  4. Connects to Internet Service provider Computer hub
  5. Connects the user to the internet World Wide Web

Drugs (linked to transport)

  1. Grown/produced – poppy
  2. Refined – powder
  3. Sold in bulk – packages of heroin
  4. Transported – Ship
  5. Sold to smaller drug dealers – Pound symbol
  6. Cut with other substances – toxic powder added
  7. Sold to even smaller drug dealers – Pound symbol
  8. Cut with other substances – toxic powder added
  9. Sold to consumers –  pound symbol
  10. Drug is taken – injecting needle into vain

Power/energy (linked to transport)

  1. Raw materials are mined/drilled/sourced – oil, gas, coal, nuclear, solar, hydro electric – pickaxe, drill, solar panel
  2. Raw materials are refined – factory
  3. Refined product is transported – ship
  4. Product is sold to various industries – oil for petrol, plastics. Coal & gas for power stations, gas for heating – pound symbol
  5. Product is used – petrol pump, gas stove

Water (linked to power & industry)

  1. Water taken from water source – sea, lake, reservoir – water
  2. Water is purified – water drop made of two arrows
  3. Stored and –  water tank
  4. pumped through pipe network  -transports and distributes – pipe network
  5. Water is used
  • homes: toilet, baths, shower, taps, garden 
  • commercial: kitchens and restaurants, bathrooms, cleaning and maintenance
  • Industrial: hydroelectric power, power station cooling, manufacturing (pressurised water), car wash

Industry/world trade

  1. Raw materials are grown, harvested, mined – meat
  2. Refined – factory
  3. Manufactured – factory
  4. Mass produced – duplicated object
  5. Transported (from different stages) – lorrie
  6. Shipped – imported and exported – ship
  7. Sold to companies – pound symbol
  8. Purchased/used by consumers – hand and pound symbol


  1. Money is minted/printed by whomever controls money creation in each country – bank note
  2. New money is sent to banks who remove old, worn out bills for exchange – old bill & new bill
  3. Money circulates people withdraw money – money in hand
  4. Money is spent – Pound symbol
  5. Money circulates through the country until it is traded again for renewed money – three notes with arrows (circulating)