Processes and associated icons

Here is a list of what I will show on the design, and what the symbol/icon will be for each. Bold italic text will be used for the symbol/icon detail.



  1. Animal/crop – Cow/maze
  2. Harvested – Dead cow/plough
  3. Manufactured – Cut meat/row of corn
  4. Packaged – Packed meat
  5. Transported – Lorry
  6. Purchased – Pound symbol
  7. Prepared – Cut up meat
  8. Eaten – Mouth

Mobile communication

  1. Create text –mobile with ‘hello’ being typed
  2. Send text –mobile with send on screen
  3. Packages of data transferred to recipient’s phone – two mobiles connecting
  4. Message received – new phone receives message

Tv and radio broadcast

  1. Original sound/image, is then filmed with receptor (microphone/camera) – microphone/camera
  2. Sent to a transmitting antenna – Antenna
  3. Radio/TV receives data – Radio/TV with ariel blinking
  4. Sound/image is reproduced on radio/TV – Radio/TV produces sound/image

Transport (multiple branches)

  1. Fill up fuel tank (linked to power/energy topic) – petrol pump
  2. Each mode of transport goes from point A to B – car with arrow pointing

Car, bus & trainaccessible transport for everyone, and personal travel. –  car,bus,train – crowd of people

Ships & lorries (linked to food topic) – Industry, shipping routes. – ship,lorrie, with arrows

Aircraft – point A to B (long distance), global access for everyone. – plane around globe

Spacecraft point A to B and beyond, access outer world locations. – spacecraft orbiting earth


Electrical appliances (linked to power/energy)

  1. Use electrical appliance – Kettle plugged in to mains
  2. Electricity travels through wires in your home – wires
  3. Mains electricity travels through power lines – power lines/pylons
  4. Electricity travels from the power station – power station
  5. Power stations obtain energy from fossil fuels, nuclear power, or renewable energy sources. – mining/pick axe


  1. Device connects to internet via ethernet OR ethernet cable
  2. wifi – wifi icon
  3. Connects to modem/router – router
  4. Connects to Internet Service provider Computer hub
  5. Connects the user to the internet World Wide Web

Drugs (linked to transport)

  1. Grown/produced – poppy
  2. Refined – powder
  3. Sold in bulk – packages of heroin
  4. Transported – Ship
  5. Sold to smaller drug dealers – Pound symbol
  6. Cut with other substances – toxic powder added
  7. Sold to even smaller drug dealers – Pound symbol
  8. Cut with other substances – toxic powder added
  9. Sold to consumers –  pound symbol
  10. Drug is taken – injecting needle into vain

Power/energy (linked to transport)

  1. Raw materials are mined/drilled/sourced – oil, gas, coal, nuclear, solar, hydro electric – pickaxe, drill, solar panel
  2. Raw materials are refined – factory
  3. Refined product is transported – ship
  4. Product is sold to various industries – oil for petrol, plastics. Coal & gas for power stations, gas for heating – pound symbol
  5. Product is used – petrol pump, gas stove

Water (linked to power & industry)

  1. Water taken from water source – sea, lake, reservoir – water
  2. Water is purified – water drop made of two arrows
  3. Stored and –  water tank
  4. pumped through pipe network  -transports and distributes – pipe network
  5. Water is used
  • homes: toilet, baths, shower, taps, garden 
  • commercial: kitchens and restaurants, bathrooms, cleaning and maintenance
  • Industrial: hydroelectric power, power station cooling, manufacturing (pressurised water), car wash

Industry/world trade

  1. Raw materials are grown, harvested, mined – meat
  2. Refined – factory
  3. Manufactured – factory
  4. Mass produced – duplicated object
  5. Transported (from different stages) – lorrie
  6. Shipped – imported and exported – ship
  7. Sold to companies – pound symbol
  8. Purchased/used by consumers – hand and pound symbol


  1. Money is minted/printed by whomever controls money creation in each country – bank note
  2. New money is sent to banks who remove old, worn out bills for exchange – old bill & new bill
  3. Money circulates people withdraw money – money in hand
  4. Money is spent – Pound symbol
  5. Money circulates through the country until it is traded again for renewed money – three notes with arrows (circulating)

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